Are you getting ready to buy your first home? Congrats! What a crazy and exciting time!

It can be pretty overwhelming. The good news is I've guided countless homeowners through the process, and I'm convinced the key to kicking overwhelm to the curb is preparation, preparation, preparation!

In fact, time and time again, I've seen that the more prepared my clients are, the less stressful the process turns out to be. Want a home-buying journey like that? DM me - I'd love to talk!

*Get your credit score ready. The higher your score, the better loan terms you’ll get.

*Estimate your price range by playing around with one of the zillion home affordability calculators online. 

*Narrow down your ideal location, but stay flexible and have several locations in mind.

*Save for your down payment. If you haven’t started, do it now!

*Get a mortgage pre-approval. This will give you hard numbers and help you stay ahead of the competition.